Rant: What is Homegrown CSA and what does this mean for Toronto?


I stumbled across Homegrown CSA on social media and instantly became intrigued with it's concept. Finding myself searching for more and immediately fell in love with this business. There's nothing tastier than farm to table cooking. I'm fresh obsessed!



Homegrown CSA is a locally owned and operated company by James and Josh, two Torontonian's who provide local produce from the Forsythe Family Farm which happens to be owned and operated by James' family. As well as family and friends farms across Ontario. The two men use the existing CSA local economic model to provide subscribers in the GTA with fresh locally grown produce. They have successfully connected our rural neighbours with downtown Toronto.  Delivering weekly food crates or "shares" filled with fresh locally grown Ontario produce, directly to your front door. Its that easy!

JAMES              &          JOSH

YOU, the consumer, support the local farmer. The local farmer supports the local economy by their local purchases, hiring locally, etc. Thus supporting your local CSA farmer causes a CASCADE EFFECT for the local community. This approach also helps the environment! The more local products that are purchased, the fewer products are needed to be shipped to the community, thus reducing harmful emissions from transport carriers.
— csafarms.ca

This dynamic duo found a way of giving back to the community they love by partnering with local companies and charities. Homegrown CSA has partnered with Red Door Family Shelter. This Toronto organization provides services for individuals and families who need safe and supportive emergency shelter. For more information about the Red Door Family Shelter click here. For a complete list of Homegrown CSA partners click here.

For every 10 full season shares that we sell, we’ll donate 1 full season share to a family that has recently left the shelter in order to assist a family in need. We love our city, and helping our community in any way possible is a great privilege for us.
— James & Josh, Homegrown CSA


CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA subscribers pay the farmer at the beginning of the growing season a one-time fee or "share" of the anticipated harvest. This fee is determined by the farmers total operating expenses for that season, and once harvesting begins the subscriber will receive weekly food crates by delivery. 


As a subscriber, a one time payment for the "share" of this year's harvest begins June 17, 2017. Each food crate is loaded with fresh locally grown produce and at times includes a feature item(s). Each Friday, the produce packed food crates travel through our city streets to your front door throughout the season. If you happen to be outside the delivery zone don't panic, you can still partake in all the fun. You can always take a drive to the Forsythe Family Farm, say Hello and pick up your crate of fresh crops in person.

Photographer: Gabriel Nivera | Website:www.gabrielnivera.com | Instagram:@thegnivera


No annual subscription fees. You can choose from various size "shares". A small box that feeds 1-1.5 people per week to a large share that feeds 4-7 people per week.

I've got my credit card ready to go. Then again I'm always ready with credit card in hand for occasions just like this. I like to think of myself as a shopaholic on the road to recovery.......bahhhahhahahaah who am I kidding! The only road I'm on is the road to the mall. All right warriors, gotta go. I need to complete my Homegrown CSA subscription and lets all do our part and eat local.

-- xo's Mary 


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