Brooke Francey

"As a mother of two I'm always looking for healthy go to recipes and Kitchen Confession is all that and more. Not only are they healthy but quick and simple to follow." 

Domenic Roti

"The recipe's on Kitchen Confession are so easy to follow that even my kids love to help. Like the Salmon and  Asparagus pouch, it was so easy that my kids helped put it together and then ate all of it so proudly cause they helped make it!" 

Maria Cioffi

"Kitchen Confession is my go to staple when in need of food inspiration! Simple and healthier recipes without lacking deliciousness! I look forward to all your recipes and creativity! Thank you so much for your labor of love in the kitchen!" 

Joanne & James Coelho

"From delicious recipes (and we have tried many!), to presentation, Kitchen Confession has got you covered.  Delivering healthy and low-calorie meals to satisfy your taste buds that are absolutely delicious!!!!!  Turns out eating healthy is fun and easier than you think with Kitchen Confession!!!!!  You rock!"