Werk It!: Burst Training

I'm always interested in learning about the latest and greatest in almost anything going on in our great big fabulous world. Which leads me to the recent buzz around "Burst Training". No exercise equipment needed, can burn up to 3 times more body fat than moderate cardio and you can work out in less time and see better results!


Q. where DO I sign up for the Unicorn of all workouts? 


 Lyzabeth Lopez, holistic nutritionist and fitness expert was on The Social demonstrating a few exercises we can do at home. If I can look like her, I'll do burst training all day ..... errr day! It takes less than 15 minutes to complete, get ready to break into a major sweat! 

WHAT IS BURST TRAINING? To simplify, It's HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Which means exercising at a high intensity for 20-30 seconds, separated by 2-4 minute of recovery of no or low intensity exercise in between.  Aim to repeat these Bursts 4-6 times per workout AND THAT'S IT!

"Essentially, burst training is exercising like a sprinter not a marathon runner. Recent research is proving that long distance cardiovascular exercise is NOT the fastest way to burn fat and lose weight" says Dr. Axe


If yo can understand, that the greatest obstacles between you and the life of your wildest dreams are actually imaginary, a product of your mind alone, fiction, I do believe we’ll blow the wheels clear off this popsicle stand.

”Push-Ups” for everyone,
The Universe
— www.tut.com

I would love to hear your thoughts on Burst Training. Leave your comments below and we can compare notes. Thanks for following along. -- xo's Mary